Tango's Responsible Driver System automatically reduces unsafe mobile phone usage by your drivers

  • You directly control driver phone usage for policy enforcement
  • The solution prevents calling, texting and app usage by your drivers when it would be unsafe - No more Facebook on the run
  • Works with any iOS and Android phone
  • Policy enforcement is embedded in wireless network so cannot be circumvented except in emergencies
  • Ideal for any organization that employs drivers or operates vehicles: transit, lawn care, home services, delivery,  repair services, education, government, public safety, trucking, utilities

Every year distracted driving claims thousands of lives. It causes millions of dollars in damage. It costs companies many more millions in lawsuits, insurance claims and premium increases.

Government statistics and analysis show that a leading cause of distracted driving is unsafe use of mobile phones by drivers.

The Responsible Driver System (RDS), a Tango Mobility™ Solution, puts you in control of safer driving policies. With RDS, your drivers of fleet, transit, logistics, field service and other vehicles will be safer and more attentive.

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