Put mobile communications in your control

Tango Mobility Solutions

  • Extend your existing communications system to user mobiles with a seamless native device experience
  • Adopt “Mobile First” communications to contain costs, maximize user productivity
  • Control mobile call routing for lowest costs
  • Enforce recording and compliance rules on mobile users with your existing landline recording and compliance systems
Tango Mobility solutions enable you to turn any mobile phone into an extension of your existing communications systems.

Now you can control business communications on mobile phones as easily as on traditional landline business phones.

The Tango solutions are available as a hosted service or as an on-premises deployment. They integrate with communications systems from all major vendors including Avaya, Cisco, Broadsoft, Mitel, Shoretel and others.
  • Turn mobile devices into full-featured extensions of your existing communications systems, including compliance and recording tools
  • Business calls from your mobile users present your company numbers, even on personal devices
  • Business calling features like transfer, conference and hold can be operated on any mobile phone
  • You can use your existing compliance tools to automatically record or monitor business communications on mobiles, including personal devices, for compliance and quality assurance
  • Users can send and receive SMS texts from their business numbers
  • You control routing of users' mobile calls for lowest cost routing and elimination of mobile toll calls

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